Likewise, the leaves are thick, succulent and almost round in … Waxvine can be grown indoors or outdoors in full sun conditions. For most Hoyas, allow the compost to become nearly dry between waterings and keep them almost completely dry over the colder months. Hoya australis is happy in indoor temperatures ranging from 18-24 degrees Celsius (65 – 75 o F) in summer and spring.Always avoid draughts and extreme temperatures because it will disturb the plant and hinder growth. Although misting can be beneficial for plants a humidifier would help a lot more. This variety will grow slowly, but it’s extremely easy to care for. However if you’re based in Europe it might be a bit trickier. The best known hoya is the one shown here, Hoya carnosa, which perhaps you know as ‘wax plant’, or even, ‘that weird thing Gran had in the glasshouse’. Hoya Carnosa Care. Caring for Your Hoya. If you’re keen on growing hoyas, then you’re in the right place. © 2020 Yates, a division of DuluxGroup (Australia) Pty Ltd. However, if you live somewhere with strong sunlight then you may want to reconsider this as the sun may damage your plant. Plant into pot or hanger and water in well. For example, Hoya obscura prefers shadier conditions, where Hoya australis ‘Lisa’ will cope with most conditions, producing red-tinged leaves in bright light. Best in a well drained soil, it also is aslant that grows best in filtered light. However, if you live in Europe where they are less common and more difficult to come by then you may find yourself paying higher prices for them especially if you include shipping. Most hoya varieties will grow very happily in quite small pots, and are particularly suited to growing in hanging baskets. Hoya australis Care Except in the warmer climates, Hoya australis is usually grown in containers. Hoyas’ have exceptional tolerance for neglect. For outdoor situations, position the pot in a semi- shaded area and protect from strong winds., I find this gives a fairly airy mix. For a start, they're quite small, so they can fit into the tiniest apartments. Well guess what, we've got the perfect plants for you! Cactus soil, orchid soil/bark, perlite potting mix. Hopefully as they become more popular they will be easier to find. Hoya australis is found growing naturally north from Grafton (NSW) along the Queensland coast to Cape York in rainforest margins and exposed, rocky areas. Like all Hoyas, the australis has waxy leaves and produces clusters of star-shaped flowers. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. australis Traill (1989) This one is twining, and has both pubescent leaves (less on top than underneath) and stem. Yes there is no reason that a Hoya Australis shouldn’t be suitable for a beginner. The flowers have varied shapes often star shaped & are thick and waxy in mixed colours. Outdoors in semi shade, or an area that receives morning sun. Again this depends where you’re from. Now you have read our Hoya Australis care guide you should be equipped to take care of this plant but if you still have any queries then take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions below. There will be many more Hoyas to come! Your email address will not be published. Think you have a black thumb? Hoya australis is an evergreen climber native to Australia. Hoyas are popular house plants that often bloom in the first year, but if they are indoor plants, there is a possibility that the process could take longer. Although Hoyas are not succulents, most Hoyas have very thick, succulent-like leaves. Hoyas like to be quite tight in the pot and are quite at home in a small space. Hoya are unusual in the fact that they flower from the same point every year, so don’t prune off old flower spikes when they finish flowering. Hoyalicious Guarantee on all plants! Air plants or Tillandsia spp. Keep the leaves clean by wiping with a damp cloth, when required. If our FAQ hasn’t managed to address your question then please leave it in the comments below so we can help you as best we can. They do not do well in cooler temperatures so make sure you keep them in warmer rooms and away from doors and windows that will allow cool air into the room. Indoors in a well lit spot, away from direct sunlight. Pests: Incorrect care and lack of humidity are the main reasons pests may appear, and the Hoya linearis can be susceptible to mealy bugs or aphids in particularly dry conditions. This beauty is seen not only in the blooms but in the foliage as well. Hoya australis ssp. Welcome to Hoya Store Australia. The Australis plant prefers to live in medium to high humidity. HOYA was one of the first to revolutionise lenses through their innovative design and ongoing research and development. Yes under the right conditions Hoya Australis will put out beautiful white flowers but they require lots of bright light to do so. Aloe Vera are not just there to help with those after beach sunburns, but can also assist in the home by removing toxins in the air. Most hoya varieties will grow very happily in quite small pots, and are particularly suited to growing in hanging baskets. It is commonly known as the wax vine due to the wheel-like clusters of up to 40 exquisite porcelain-like flowers on each long stalk that appear in spring and summer. It grows in the wild around the edge of rainforests and is known for its ability to attract butterflies. They are able to grow in low light conditions, but they require bright, indirect light or full morning sun in order to store up enough energy to be able … Hoya australis, commonly known as the waxvine or common waxflower, is one of the species in the genus Hoya. Take a look at our Hoya Australis care guide to find out how to look after this beautiful little plant. They’re also more likely to bloom when tight in their pots. Hoya australis produces fragrant flowers, above all in the evenings or at night, making them popular indoor species. Water occasionally, but allow the plant to dry out between waterings. Dedicated for the Eye-Care Professional, providing HOYA products and services… Safety Eyewear. Ahoya, there! They’re tolerant of mid-levels of light (although need moderate light or some morning sun to flower well) and prefer to be kept in the same pot for years – less repotting for you, woohoo! Watering: Infrequently If growing indoors, choose a well lit spot, away from direct afternoon sun. For this a good mix would be cactus soil, orchid mix and perlite. Otherwise I find it easier to care for hoya in substrate. Log in; Cart (0) Checkout Home; Hoyas; Auctions; Dischidia; Accessories; About Us. Be sure to closely check the fuzzy leaves and if pests are present, the plant can be treated with insecticidal soap. Hoya Australis Hoya 'Australis' - Credit to Wendy Cutler. Disclosure: This post may include affiliate links meaning I receive a commission if you make a purchase through these links at no extra cost to yourself. There are over 200 species of Hoyas, each of which has unique colors and shapes. They do not like wet feet so do not overwater. Thank you for your support on this platform. African Violets are perfect indoor plants. In the cooler months, it can be left without water. It is recommended that you don’t keep them in direct sunlight but this probably depends on where you live. The Australis plant is relatively easy to take care of and puts out beautiful white flowers if kept in the right conditions. You can fertilise on a fortnightly basis. Hoya carnosa plants are most often grown in hanging baskets, but these are vining epiphytes so you can also grow them as a floor plant using a support … Both have a dramatic effect and are very visually appealing. The leaves vary from miniature through to large and thick to long and narrow. Required fields are marked *. It's a fast grower, but not very willing to bloom. This helps to keep OSERA ad free. Hoya Australis like to be kept warm but it’s important that the air doesn’t dry out, so make sure they’re not near heating systems. This shining beauty is just one of the 250 different species in the family, and it’s the one that most gardeners start with. If you live somewhere that receives weaker sun then you can probably allow your plant access to direct sunlight. Your email address will not be published. This species needs to be watered consistently in summer but sparingly in winter, and the humidity should always be above 60%. Native to: Asia Hoya Australis Care Tips That Actually Work One of the exciting facts about Hoyas’ is that anyone can grow a Hoya plant; they are great indoor houseplant for beginners and expert gardeners. Hoyas are climbing, upright and/or hanging plants native to the tropical and sub-tropical worlds of Australia and Southern Asia. The Hoya Australis is a hardy and fast growing plant with deep green, thick and waxy leaves. Botanical name: Hoya Australis Hoya plants are tropical plants. It is one of the most common … Fill pots with quality free draining potting mix, such an orchid or bromeliad mix, as hoyas don’t like wet feet. After Hoya Carnosa, Hoya australis is the next most famous plant in the Hoya species. Hoya Australis will do well when kept in bright light. If you live in northern Europe or along a similar latitude then direct sunlight should be fine for this plant, if you live closer to the equator or receive lots of sunlight then you are going to want to pull your Hoya Australis back away from the direct light. They aren’t that difficult to care for, their main requirement being that you don’t overwater them. Creating the Right Environment Place your Hoya plant in bright, indirect sunlight. They are pretty simple to care for and to maintain. The leaves are about 4-9 cm long and 2.5-5 cm wide. No matter where you’re from you should be able to order one online but shipping can be expensive and they can be difficult to come by. Hoya australis has broad, shiny leaves which emerge along wild, winding tendrils. Hoya Plant Care Tips As houseplants, Hoyas bloom when it’s warm & prefers cooler temps in the winter months to set buds. Whether or not this plant is common depends on where you live. H. australis. That’s to say, a great house plant to keep inside, applying finishing touches with a natural environment. A vigorous grower, we've found this Australia-native to be very easy to grow and happy as a hanging plant or winding up a trellis. Hoya australis (HOY-a aw-STRAL-iss), like its relatives, is a member of the Apocynaceae family. The sixth episode of Plant Of The Week features our first Hoya, Hoya australis. In Asia, it is customary to grow hoya in pure coco chips. Description: Hoya australis, commonly known as the Waxvine or Common waxflower is a popular plant grown for its attractive glossy foliage, and sweetly scented wax-like white flowers with cerise inner markings under the white corona. You might find their growth slows or they stop putting out flowers if the lighting conditions are too low. The flowers always have a central corona and 5 petals. If you’re from North America and Australasia then you shouldn’t have too much trouble coming across one. Basic Plant Care Instructions for Hoya Keysii Hoya Keysii can be planted in either cactus soil or bark-based mixture. Allow the Australis plant to dry out between waterings to avoid problems such as root rot. This allows it to be overwintered indoors, and it does make a very attractive house plant. An absolutely awesome indoor plant! Hoya australis is often grown as a houseplant in Australia, and is beginning to make an appearance in other areas of the world as well. Hoya cinnamomifolia, ‘Wax Plant’ Hoya Vine Prune, Care & Maintenance The hoya plant, also commonly known as the wax plant or the wax flower. If you live in Australasia or North America then they shouldn’t be too expensive. Native to Australia, this variety is one of the few Hoyas that worships the sun and can tolerate it directly all year round. Which is great because it means that they are very forgiving in the home and will tolerate (and even thrive) from some neglect! Generally my potting mix is about ⅓ peat, ⅓ perlite, and ⅓ orchid mix (fir bark, perlite, charcoal). Can A Beginner Look After A Hoya Curtisii? Watering Hoyas For most Hoyas, allow the compost to become nearly dry between waterings and keep … Other names for this plant include Waxvine, Honey plant, and Porcelain Flower. It is a vine found on rainforest margins and rocky areas, and occurs in eastern and northern Australia, from Western Australia, through the Northern Territory and coastal Queensland from Cape York to northern New South Wales. Other names: Australis plant. Australia's first online hoya store with sales of plants and select accessories available to buy. Humidity: Medium to high All are tough plants and can be grown indoors or outside, in warm frost-free environments. Hoya Australis Care: Growing A Healthy Australis Hoya Plant With approximately 300 species and subspecies of tropical Hoya plants out there, it’s no surprise that Hoya australis would have some of its own. Cuttings are cheaper but can be more difficult to keep alive. It sends out long climbing vines that will eventually develop leaves as the plant grows. It has both cool and warm mist, a large capacity you can set it to maintain the room at a certain level of humidity. Our Blog. Light: Bright light The Australis plant is relatively easy to take care of and puts out beautiful white flowers if kept in the right conditions. While Hoya plants … The heady scent resembles a chocolate-vanilla aroma and is most noticeable in the evening. Our favourite model is the Levoit humidifier that you can find on Amazon. Hoya Australis is a semi succulent species of Hoya plant meaning it likes bright light and to be watered infrequently. Although Hoya Australis like bright light, full sun can be too strong for this plant and can even cause damage. There are so many different varieties to choose from, including the traditional wax flower (Hoya carnosa) or the twisted gnarled foliage of the Indian Rope hoya and the sweet, heart-shaped Hoya ‘Kerri’. Hoya Australis is a beautiful Aussie native Hoya that, like most Hoyas is hardy as hell. Hoya Australis is a semi succulent species of Hoya plant meaning it likes bright light and to be watered infrequently. The Hoya Australis is a vining plant and can grow to impressive lengths if not pruned. They have medium to large, shiny green leaves that are deep red when juvenile. It likes a bright or medium light position and can dry out between waters. HOYA supplies premium quality lenses to suit everyone's individual needs and lifestyles. Only fertilise your Australis plant during the growing season and leave it during the winter months. Only re-water when the potting mix feels dry. For your Hoya Australis you will need a well draining mix to avoid water clogging around the plant’s roots. If you struggle to know when your plant is dry you can either use your fingers by sticking them down into the soil or you can use a moisture meter to help you. It can trail down but will easily climb any structure near it. Hoya Australis does not like to be wet so you should only water your plant when necessary. Hoya Australis prefer brighter light and may not do so well in low light conditions. If you want your plant to bloom and see some of those beautiful waxy flowers that Hoya are so famous for then you definitely don’t want to keep them in low light conditions as they need bright light in order to bloom. A general fertiliser should be appropriate for this plant. In order to care for your Hoya Australis we would recommend the following: This really depends on where you live. Hoya australis loves high humidity levels. You can either leave this plant to trail downwards and use it as part of a shelf display or another option is to encourage the vines to grow vertically by attaching them to a moss pole. Next to Hoya carnosa, Hoya australis is probably one of the more common hoyas-as-houseplants. It’s the perfect addition to any houseplant collection but if you’re a Hoya enthusiast then it’s a must have. If growing indoors, choose a well lit spot, away from direct afternoon sun. How to Plant and Care for Hoya Plants. For outdoor situations, position the pot in a semi- shaded area and protect from strong winds.. Don’t prune off the fresh side growth because that’s where the flowers form. Tip of the Week – Hoya Care. It’s important that you make your your plant pot has drainage holes so that excess water doesn’t stay clogged in the soil. FAQ; Our Story; Hoyalicious Guarantee; Shipping; Shipping to WA,TAS & NT; Contact Us; Search ; COLOUR TEXTURE FRAGRANCE FORM. In suitably warm climates wax flowers can be grown outdoors in a partly shaded position in moist, rich, free-draining soil. Aglaonema, also called 'Chinese evergreens' are a wonderfully diverse & colourful range of leafy plants. Eye-Care Professionals Resource Centre. These amazing plants produce clusters of large, highly fragrant, white to pinkish, waxy flowers. Hoya australis is a fast-growing climbing vine with trails up to 3m. Hoyas have woody stems that produce thick leathery waxen leaves that slow down water loss aside from this the hoya vine plant is a tropical Asian succulent with a great deal of species growing in the Philippines and Australia.