This aspen grove on Kebler Pass, Colorado is supposed to be one the the largest single organisms in the US. The answer is the Pando Aspen Grove located on the Colorado Plateau in Southern Utah. The largest and oldest known aspen clone is the "Pando" clone on the Fishlake National Forest in southern Utah. As part of the West Elk Loop Scenic and Historic Byway, the 30-mile gravel road connects the towns of Crested Butte and Paonia and a beautiful scenic shortcut to Aspen. See the leaves change in Colorado, watch aspens turn from green to gold and more on this trip through Gunnison, Crested Butte and Paonia. It is 107 acres large and one of the largest living organisms on the planet. This spectacular 350-acre estate, dubbed “Aspen Grove Ranch”, is located at 2010 GCR 14N in Kremmling, Colorado. The world’s largest and possibly oldest living organism is Pando, a Quaking Aspen clone in Utah. » mount owen, crested butte Mount Owen is the tallest mountain in the Ruby Range at 13,058 feet. Why go: Way better than Kansas’ largest ball of twine in the world, this area boasts the largest aspen grove in North America. Aspen grove, against grey clouds on Highway 17, at the Cumbres Pass, Colorado. True Western Hospitality. Take the Land's End Road for a panoramic view of the Colorado … Why go: As you gain in elevation to the top of the world's largest mesa, cottonwoods, scrub oak and aspen color the landscape. It lies just west of Crested Butte and towers above the Kebler Pass area, home to the largest aspen grove … Some aspen colonies become very extensive, spreading about 3 feet a year, eventually covering many acres. Each of 47,000 or so trees in the grove are genetically identical and has been determined to be part of a single living organism all sharing a single massive underground root system. Incredible Beauty. Karen Mock, Professor of Molecular Ecology at Utah State University tells host Steve Curwood that precise estimates about the age of Pando are not currently possible, but it may be many thousands of years old. Biggest may not always be best, but in this case it certainly helps. Nov 19, 2018 - Redstone Colorado. It is also the world heaviest known living organism with an estimated weight of 6,000,0000 kilograms. Altogether, it may be the largest living thing on the planet. Photo was taken with a Canon SX40HS digital camera. Yes they are a single living organism. This drive delivers arguably the best aspen viewing in the state. Not only is there an awe-inspiring sea of yellow, but with this size comes variety. By David Shultz Oct. 17, 2018 , 2:30 PM. The home is known as the Aspen Grove Ranch sits on 350 acres in the Grand River Ranch area. On the western edge of the Colorado Plateau a single root system has been metabolically alive for 80,000 years. Aspen Groves as One Huge Organism joined at the Roots. The Pando aspen grove, located in central Utah, is the largest organism on the planet by weight. The tree received its name ‘Pando’ from the University of Colorado’s researcher, Michael Grant, who, in 1992, called it the world’s largest living organism. I’ve photographed this scene many times over the last few years. An amazing home in Kremmling has 24,000 square feet of living space and it can be yours for just $21 million. This aspen grove has been tested and found to be a clonal colony. It features a 24,000 square foot wood & stone mega mansion, which consists of a central main house and a guest house on each side connected by bridges. The most famous example of a clonal grove is Pando, a grove of quaking aspen in Utah's Fishlake National Forest. This colony of a single male Quaking Aspen is located in the Fishlake National Forest in Utah, in the US. In the Fishlake National Forest in Utah, there is an aspen grove named Pando, Latin for “I spread.” Considered one of the largest aspen groves in the world, it contains about 47,000 individual trees and is estimated to be about 80,000 years old. One of the world’s largest organisms is shrinking. … The challenge has been made, let me know where you think the largest Aspen tree is!

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