This is heightened by the fact that the system calls upon you to narrow the list of eligible races down even further by finding the ones that adhere to a specific selection requirement. . Doing a quick bit of maths, or using a calculator can reverse this bet and have … All my examples are based on one dollar. The Complete ! This kind of bet is known as an ‘exotic wager’ and most exotic wagers in horse racing have a $1 minimum. Only $14.95! Using a 10 cent superfecta system allows you to keep your unit stake reasonably low. For practice, you can try betting at the ever-growing number of tracks that allow 10-cent Superfecta wagers. In boxing the superfecta, the bettor may bet a minimum of four horses on a single ticket, giving the bettor every possible combination of the chosen horses to finish first, second, third, fourth in exact order. Below are a few examples of ways to play 10 cent supers: how to win superfecta Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. In other words, if a superfecta bet were to pay off $200 at full price, it would only pay off at $10 ($200 divided by 20) at the 10-cent … 10 Cent Superfecta System review. If you want to test the system then try the lowest amount affordable to you. Horse betting is what I love, and betting is what I DO.’. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Actual Result of Horse Racing Superfecta $6,000 for the 10 Cent Bet Let’s see a result example. Wow! The 10-Cent Superfecta bet is an affordable and simple way to win big at the race track. Guide Download. Click To See [How It Works!] He says this of the 10 cent superfecta bet: ‘[It] makes structuring bets affordable. You will be amazed when you see how inexpensive it can be to cover anywhere from 6 to 14 horses in a race! The bottom line with any wager is the return on investment (ROI). Superfecta bets can be placed for ten cents, fifty cents or one dollar. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. See the link below to find out what I have se . Makes a great gift too! We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. ... some racetracks have lowered the minimum on the superfecta to 10 cents. These tables are invaluable as they help you in structuring your bets and figuring the cost. This WORKS for ANYONE - Even if You are 100% New to Horse Racing Discount Offer - Save 63% Bet Less - Win More. Different combinations can be calculated and various superfecta bets then made. The main focus of the manual is the 10 cent superfecta bet, but some other exotic bets are covered too, and the six bonus items make for interesting reading as well. Learning of the superfecta system from an old bettor friend, Joey was reportedly soon making figures like $2800 and $1100 with one superfecta bet after another. However, it’s an interesting and oft-neglected element to betting, and the manual here is worth the modest asking price, even if only for the sake of mere interest. When a horseplayer hits a $1 Superfecta that returns over $5,000.00, the Internal Revenue Service takes … Sold under the headline ‘Generate your own profitable horse plays within 24 hours… Even if you’ve never bet superfectas before’, the product is basically a system manual that outlines exactly how to best make 10 cent superfecta bets. If a track offers a 10-cent superfecta, you can play 20 different combinations for a $2 wager. Please let us know if you agree to this. Apparently, the superfecta is ‘the best bet at the track’ and ‘if structured properly, superfectas offer the nicest returns on investment of any bet at the track’. The point betting system requires a … This is a high-quality, soft cover booklet that comes in a convenient pocket size (8″x 4″) making it easy to take with you to the racetrack. The follow chart is the result of Golden Gate Field, Race 8, 11/10/2013. Meaning of superfecta. Required fields are marked *. eBooks Tips&Tricks 101 Blueprint For Profitable Football Betting Guide Download. You will save the cost of this course just by using the bet structuring tactics inside. Obviously, that gives you more chances to win. Horse Racings 10 Cent Superfecta System Exe Ashta Chamma Serial Actors Names Can Script For Mac Playbook Barney Stinson Pdf Spiru Haret Finante Banci Program Secretariat ... Oct 19, 2009 Given: There are Nine horses racing and I place a 10 cent wager on a combination of four horses. : Horse Racing. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Creating many different combinations and betting on them all can therefore soon rack up the stake amounts and therefore demand a hefty bankroll. Due to the difficulty though, a 10 cent surperfecta was introduced at certain meets, in which the minimum wager was lowered to just 10 cents instead of the full dollar. Many horse bettors like to play using a system that helps guide their decision making. For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript. If this was allowed here, this bet would have only cost $7.20. The 10 Cent Superfecta Supersystem goes beyond picking horses. or [How To Get It!] This booklet also includes a comprehensive set of cost tables with hundreds of betting configurations! You maximize your return on investment on every bet. Went over and bought your book…a great read, a good investment as I hit a 10-cent superfecta in the 9th for 3K plus. Have you ever hit the Superfecta like this - over $60,000 ($6,000 for 10 cent bet)? eBooks Tips&Tricks 007 Roulette System: 100% Successful & High Converting Product Guide Download. A superfecta bet has the potential to reward you with tens of thousands of dollars by merely placing a $1 wager. Your email address will not be published. This booklet is timeless and will help keep you ahead of the rest of the betting crowd every racing day of the year! Afleet Alexandra showed the ability to win off a two-month layoff. Hey nice blog on the 10 cent superfecta system I myself have experimented with many different ways to make a net gain with this system .back when i didnt know much, I used to box all my horses and waste a ton of money on superfectas at 1 dollar or 50 cents, but now i have many different ways in using this system at the races. 10 Cent Superfecta System | 10 Cent Superfecta | Dime Superfecta | Superfecta Book | Superfecta Calculator . It is easily the very best investment you will make all season.” SECRET HIGH CLASS SYSTEM Racing Expert Reveals Secret High Class System that Makes £16,609 Profit! Download eBooks. WHAT'S IN THE 10 CENT SUPERFECTA SYSTEM The Superfecta Supersystem is a 95 page manual that explains how to make winning plays using exotic betting strategies and specifically the 10 CENT SUPERFECTA BET. What sets the .10 Superfecta apart from the rest is that you only have to worry about one race! A ‘superfecta’ is a type of bet, mainly used in horse races in the USA, in which the bettor must select the first four finishers in exact order. When placing a Superfecta bet you try to pick the first four finishers in a race. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. For her next trick, Afleet Alexandra will attempt to win coming back in just two weeks. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. When placing a Superfecta bet you try to pick the first four finishers of the horse race (in order). It's more about learning. 10-Cent Superfecta System . Order your copy now at the Today’s Racing Digest online bookstore. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. SUPERFECTA is the form of pari-mutuel wagering whereby you select in order the first, second, third and fourth place horses in races which offer superfecta wagering.. SUPERFECTA BOX . Together with the system, you get a 95-page manual, where you will learn how to make winning plays forever. Jerry S., West Hollywood, CA. Of course, the payout is then divided by 20 as well. You can play for as little as a dime so you can use a lot of horses for just a few dollars. The 10 Cent Superfecta We are going to start here with a negative. As you can probably guess, superfecta bets are difficult to get right – there are so many combinations you have to cover correctly – but when you do, the rewards are handsome. There are several low-cost bets at the racetrack that can generate huge payoffs…the .50 Pick 4, the .50 Pick 5, the .20 Pick 6 and the .10 Superfecta. There is much detail about superfectas and 10 cent superfectas and there is no doubt that Joey is knowledgeable on the subject. !.Guide Horse Racings 10 Cent Superfecta System! Obviously, a proven method of making successful exotic bets is an intriguing prospect to many a bettor. There are several low-cost bets at the racetrack that can generate huge payoffs…the .50 Pick 4, the .50 Pick 5, the .20 Pick 6 and the .10 Superfecta. Superfecta betting is based on the pari-mutuel wagering system, which means there are no odds involved. Handy 10-Cent Superfecta Booklet with Cost Tables! 10-CENT SUPERFECTA (9-3-10-8) $120.65: 50-CENT TRIFECTA (9-3-10) $212.25: Winner–Loud Mouth Dbb.c.4 by Boisterous out of Drama Cat, by Tale of the Cat. Different combinations can be calculated and various superfecta bets then made. Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Horse racing is a sport that is closely tied with gambling, as those in attendance often look to make money by correctly picking which horses will win. Let’s say that 1,000 people have all bought a $1 superfecta … This kind of bet is known as an ‘exotic wager’ and most exotic wagers in horse racing have a $1 minimum. Only certain races are eligible for making superfecta bets and 10 cent superfecta bets, so you might have to invest time in finding these specific meets. -- Superfecta 10 Cents Partial Wheel --, Horse Racing Free Picks, Horse Racing Systems Free Dutching Free Horse Racing Picks,Free Betting Systems,Free Horse Racing Dutching System,Free Racing Pick … What does superfecta mean? With a 10-cent minimum wager at many tracks, you can drop a lot of dimes in building a ticket that cover a lot of bases for a relatively small amount of dollars. Calculating a Superfecta Box calculator image by Szymon Apanowicz from There is work to be done here, and not every superfecta bet you make will be a winning one – far from it. Read more . Through this E-book, you will find out how to hit the big Superfecta frequently by the 10 cent Superfecta winning systems created by Kenny Chen, aka Mr. Superfecta, who became a professional horseplayer from a small business owner dramatically and have had successful years in the new field, the horse … 10 Cent Super Fecta Super System. Without saying too much, he splits the runners with a specific method that allows a few combinations of possible outcomes to be narrowed down, and one of which ultimately ending up as a winning superfecta bet. Now You Too Can Make Quick Easy Profits - Only Takes 5-10 minutes a day! Simply cut the bet in half to determine a fifty cent ticket or divide the bet by 10 to determine a ten cent ticket. Celebrating the fact that the newer availability of the 10 cent superfecta bet makes betting superfectas possible for everybody – and not just those who can afford the luxury of a bigger betting bank – Joey has outlined a certain formula in his system manual that demonstrates how to make daily 10 cent superfecta selections. You can see it from customer reviews who have given positive respond. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. This product quality is good. These cookies do not store any personal information. A ‘superfecta’ is a type of bet, mainly used in horse races in the USA, in which the bettor must select the first four finishers in exact order. Now, remember what we said at the top; making the right wager for the right situation. Click image to purchase shirt. If you want to learn how to turn a dime into $100’s or $1,000’s at your local racetrack, then order a copy of Paul Lambrakis’ 10-Cent Superfecta Complete Guide to Wagering and Winning today! Category : Betting Systems Sub Cat. In Joey’s words: ‘You’re not going to just be betting favourites or long-shots… You will be finding special situations that create value and give you incredible upside.’. Many Reviews has prove it this item has better quality, so most of the buyers are satisfied. Joey tells us that though we have never heard of him – ‘I have never been comfortable in the spotlight and have purposely remained “underground” for the better part of my career […] I don’t go from city to city doing “dog and pony shows” so I can sell overpriced, piece-of-crap, blinking-light, “black box” software that supposedly shows you how to bet on the races’ – he’s been a professional gambler for many a year: ‘I’m a player first and foremost. 10 cent Superfectas are the cheapest and easiest way to win big at the track. In some cases, the payouts can even exceed a million dollars, making it easy to understand why it’s so popular.. One of the biggest superfecta payouts occurred at the 2005 Kentucky Derby, when one lucky bettor walked away with an impressive $864,253 on a $1 superfecta bet. Even If You've Never Bet Superfectas Before You see, I have never been comfortable in the spotlight and have purposely remained "underground" for the better part of my career. Hi everyone! This website uses cookies to give you the best possible experience. ?.Yes,If you are searching for information about Horse Racings 10 Cent Superfecta System!, you're come to the right place.We have one more thing to tell you, we are promoting this site very hard. Handy 10-Cent Superfecta Booklet with Cost Tables. Now Horse Racings 10 Cent Superfecta System! Underground Horse Player Finally Reveals The… “Secret Horse Betting System That The Pro’s Don’t Want You To Know About… Your email address will not be published. I recently found this offer, 10 Cent Superfecta System, 10 Cent Superfecta, Dime Superfecta, Superfecta Book, Superfecta Calculator, it seems really excited to me.The site present fantastic offer on 10 Cent Superfecta System, 10 Cent Superfecta, Dime Superfecta, Superfecta Book, Superfecta Calculator with ratings and reviews available. A bet that would have cost hundreds of dollars on a $1 or $2 ticket will only cost 1/10th as much with the new bet. Superfectas may be the most misunderstood wager in horse racing. James Robins, Kingsville, TX, “Nice meeting you today. Here are the instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. Admittedly, the 10-cent superfecta will not pay off like a 50-cent Pick 5 ticket, but … Bet structuring is the main thing to learn here, and though experience will be the truest and greatest teacher in this arena, the content of the manual is not a bad foundation. The cost for the 95-page PDF is a £19.95 one-off payment, with a 60-day money-back guarantee through Clickbank. Wikipedia says: ‘This 10 cent bet is very popular with the fans as it permits a bettor with a small bankroll to cover many combinations and still have a chance for a nice payoff.’, An American horse racing betting expert named Joey Scags has available a product called the 10 Cent Superfecta System. “This book is truly a must-read, an instant classic and a guaranteed winner that will continue to reward you every day for years to come. Instead, payouts are based on the size of the betting pool and the number of winning tickets. Then, how do you think someone hit this jackpot. The 10 cent superfecta system Small stakes for big returns is the principle lying behind superfectas. The 10-cent Superfecta makes it possible for horseplayers with small bankrolls to play the wager, and the smaller increment also means a horseplayer can avoid paying Uncle Sam a portion. Everyone who does any wagering at all in the superfecta arena should read your book.” Have you ever collected thousands of dollars with your 10 cent Superfecta tickets, and that often? Though the manual is long, it is well written and laid out in a very digestible way. In 2004, a New Hampshire dog track introduced the 10-cent superfecta as a way of attracting new bettors. is one of the most hunted product at US. This opens things up for the everyday bettor to be able to reap the huge upside of superfectas without risking more than they are comfortable with.’. Here’s a simplified example to demonstrate. 10-Cent Superfecta, Part Wheel: 1 with {All} with {All} with 4 = $5.60. !.Are you looking for Horse Racings 10 Cent Superfecta System! Seasoned horseplayers often ignore the superfecta pool, even when it means passing up potentially huge payouts. OZONE PARK, N.Y. - In her last start, Afleet Alexandra showed the ability to win off a two-month layoff. You will discover the Superfecta that you will use to structure your bets. Definition of superfecta in the dictionary. 10-Cent Superfecta, Part Wheel: 1 with {All} with 4 with {All} = $5.60. The 10-cent bet allowed bettors to cover a large number of possible results. eBooks Tips&Tricks 1,000 Weeks Of Lotto - What Worked, What Didnt!